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Accounts for limited companies

Audits may be a thing of the past, but certain annual reports still apply.

Online self-assessment

How to complete your self-assessment tax return online.

Insider December 2017

December newsletter.

Autumn budget 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond said he'd take a "balanced approach" to his second Budget of 2017.

Measuring business performance

What are the best ways to assess your firm’s performance?

Patent box

Reducing corporation tax due on patent income.

Insider November 2017

November newsletter.

Managing automatic re-enrolment

Once you’ve been running auto-enrolment for three years you’ll need to re-enrol workers.

VAT and three-party transactions

A guide to the VAT implications of having three entities involved in a transaction.

Insider October 2017

October newsletter.

Payroll issues for employers

A guide for employers on topical payroll issues.

The family home allowance

Not everyone’s a winner with the recently-introduced residence nil-rate band.

Insider September 2017

September newsletter.

Managing the digital revolution

Ensuring the smoothest transition for your business.

Buy-to-let property

A guide for individual landlords on the recent tax changes.

Insider August 2017

August 2017 newsletter

Salary or dividend?

What combination of salary and dividend should you take in 2017/18?

Planning your retirement

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to start saving to retire.

Insider July 2017

July newsletter

Capital gains tax planning

A guide to capital gains tax and the reliefs available for 2017/18.

Lifetime ISAs

Incorporating the Lifetime ISA into your savings strategy.

Insider June 2017

June newsletter

Personal tax planning

How individuals and families can save tax in 2017/18.

Investing in small companies

A beginner’s guide to investing in small entities and the tax reliefs available for doing so.

Insider May 2017

May newsletter

Employee benefits

A guide for employees on the tax implications of accepting common employee benefits.

Improving cashflow

A guide to maintaining a healthy balance between money coming in and out of your business.

Insider April 2017

April newsletter

Tax card 2017/18

Spring 2017 budget report

Trusts and tax planning

An introduction to the relationship between trusts and tax.

Residence and domicile

A guide to the rules as they affect individuals, and why they matter.

Insider March 2017

March newsletter

R&D tax credits

A guide to the tax relief available to innovative SMEs.

Exporting for small businesses

Selling goods and services overseas for beginners.

Insider February 2017

February newsletter

Property income and tax

Tax, reliefs and allowances on different types of property income.


How and when to complete your self-assessment tax return.

Insider December 2016

December newsletter

Employee benefits and rewarding staff

A guide to rewarding your staff and the tax treatment of employee benefits.

VAT after Brexit

What could happen to VAT after the UK has left the European Union?

Insider October 2016

October newsletter

Personal Financial planning

Sep 12 2016 - No one should be without a financial plan. Read our guide to get started.

National Insurance planning

Sep 12 2016 - An overview of the types of National Insurance and advice on how to make sure you don’t pay too much.

Insider September 2016

Sep 12 2016 - September newsletter

Audits and accounts

Jul 29 2016 - A guide to keeping accounts and how an audit can benefit your business.

Gifts and inheritance tax

Jul 29 2016 - How gifts can reduce your liability for inheritance tax.

Insider August 2016

Jul 29 2016 - August newsletter

Extracting profits from your business

Jul 01 2016 - A guide to tax-efficient profit extraction for business owners.

Lifetime ISAs

Jul 01 2016 - A guide to the Lifetime ISA.

Insider July 2016

Jul 01 2016 - July newsletter

Capital gains tax planning

Jun 01 2016 - A guide to capital gains tax and allowances for 2016/17.

Auto-enrolment for businesses

Jun 01 2016 - A guide to staying compliant with auto-enrolment.

Insider June 2016

Jun 01 2016 - June newsletter

Running a company car scheme

May 03 2016 - A guide to setting up a company car scheme and the tax implications of doing so.

Estate planning

May 03 2016 - A guide to making sure that your estate goes to the right people when you die.

Insider May 2016

May 03 2016 - May newsletter

Succession planning for a family business

Mar 31 2016 - A guide to transferring a business to a family member.

Personal tax planning

Mar 31 2016 - A guide to reducing an individual’s tax liability.

Insider April 2016

Mar 31 2016 - April newsletter

Tax Card 2016/2017

Mar 24 2016

Budget Report 2016

Mar 17 2016 - A summary of announcements from the budget.

Salary or dividend?

Mar 02 2016 - What’s the most tax-efficient way to pay yourself in 2016/17?

Residence and domicile

Mar 02 2016 - A guide to understanding the terms residence and domicile as well as their legal and tax implications.

Insider March 2016

Mar 02 2016 - March newsletter

Tax year-end guide 2015/16

Feb 03 2016

Choosing a business structure

Jan 07 2016 - An introduction to the most common types of businesses: sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

Retirement planning

Jan 07 2016 - An introduction to using your resources to ensure you get the retirement you want.

Insider January 2016

Jan 07 2016 - January newsletter

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